Handle with Care Ministries

Handling Hearts with Care



Equip your team with tools and skills with inspiring and informative sessions to see your children's ministry grow!

  • Kids Ministry Workshops
  • Learn Strategic Planning
  • Effective Learning Intensives
  • CM Revitalization
  • Implement Risk Management


Receive perspective on your circumstances, relevant information, and a listening ear to receive breakthrough in your ministry.

  • Personal Coaching
  • Workplace Consulting
  • Interim CM Pastoring
  • Special Event Speaking
  • Resource Referral


Take care of your heart and receive healing for your soul through authentic faith, genuine relationships, and real conversations.

  • Soul Care Clinics
  • Family Encounters
  • Women's Events
  • Personal Development
  • Retreat Facilitation

Leann Woelk

Children's Ministry Specialist

As a wife, mother and leader in the ministry of children, Leann has been serving churches, camps and conferences with enthusiasm for over 30 years with whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality.  Her desire is to care for the hearts of those who are on the front lines of ministry.  She partners with Children's Ministry Specialists and their churches to provide training, support and care for them and their ministry.   

  • Founder of Handle with Care Ministries
  • Served as the Children’s Ministry Specialist for the ABNWT PAOC, overseeing 130 churches Children's Ministries in church revitalization and leadership development
  • Presents at Children's and Family Ministry Conferences
  • Speaks at kids’ and family camps
  • Directed kids’ summer camps
Raimondi Photography
Raimondi Photography

Let's Talk!

Children's Ministry Specialists are exceptional individuals who invest their lives to reach families for Jesus. It is our mission to provide training, support and care for you and your ministry. We care about your heart and want you to be healthy in every way!

We look forward to partnering with you for the kingdom.