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Handle with Care Ministries is to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted; to bring comfort to the brokenhearted; to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed.  It is because he has dressed us with the clothing of salvation and draped us in a robe of righteousness that we can have freedom.  Isaiah 61



I believe more than ever children and their families are looking for authentic faith, genuine relationships and real conversations.  Through creative prayer spaces and encounters with a living God,  I teach families how to spend time in the word of God using our 5 senses to help us see and hear from the One True God and find a purpose. Psalm 46



By teaching biblical truths and foundations of the faith in creative and memorable ways, it is my desire is to see children, youth and adults understand the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ and how He made a way to the Father for us.  We can now boldly approach the throne of grace where we will receive mercy and find grace in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16


Handle with Care

Everyone has a care label on his or her spiritual heart that says, “Handle with Care”.  No matter what age you are, our hearts are fragile.   As an adult, I asked God to examine my heart and see why some childhood hurts still kept me in bondage. I was washed in the Word and received his mercy and grace washing me clean of my sin and guilt and now stand with His robe of righteousness pure and clean.

It is my desire to speak into the lives of children and their families, imparting the truth of the finished work of the cross for them to live out the fullness of his salvation.   Think for moment how healthy His church will be when children do not have to wait until they are adults before learning how to let go of strongholds and releasing them into the freedom of Christ.

Everyone deserves to know the truth of God's word for it will set us free.  The world and the enemy want to label us with insecurity and doubt of who we have been created to be.   Let's get to the heart of the matter,  and with a little TLC and a whole lot of mercy and grace we can have Him replace those labels that the world and the enemy have been put on us and find our identity in Christ alone.

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Raimondi Photography

How can I help ?

I offer many different interactive sessions for kids and families to draw closer to one another and to Jesus.  "One size doesn't fit all" especially when it comes to small church ministry. I offer single services; one day or weekend events to meet the needs of your unique demographics. Contact me for more information on how I might be able to help you.