"I provide the platform, you provide the people. I provide the content, you provide the connection."

Leann Woelk

This 6-session interactive online course known as a Kids Encounter, will having you teaching your elementary aged children how they can hear from God themselves and grow in their personal relationship wth God.

Using the provided online welcome, teaching and prayer videos , Leann will help your team to lead children in an hybrid Kids Encounter in your church. Original content, downloadable resources and social media posts along with creative ideas are available to your for training and support in your Children's Ministry.

Whether onsite or online, your team will be able to learn how to lead children with enthusiasm, engage with them and teach them biblical truths as they learn the practice of coming to God in prayer and waiting on him to speak to their hearts.

This series is based off of the Family Encounter called Throne of my Heart and teaches how we can all have a Heart to Heart conversation with God. As we spend time with God in prayer, he often uses our five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell to speak to our hearts.

PSALM 46:10


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Leann Woelk

As a wife, mother and leader in ministry, Leann has been serving in churches with enthusiasm for over 30 years. As the founder of Handle with Care Ministries, is passionate about walking alongside parents who desire to teach children about the fullness of His salvation and hearing from God for themselves. Using everyday items, families will create prayer spaces in their homes where kids can visually and experimentally learn spiritual truths and grow in their relationship with Jesus. They will learn the practice of coming to God in prayer and waiting in His presence so He may speak to their hearts. She and her husband Kevin have been married 32 years and have two amazing sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law. http://handlewithcareministries.com

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Kids Encounter Training - Heart to Heart Prayer

Having a Heart to Heart Conversation with God

Prayer needs to be taught, demonstrated and practiced with children for them to grow in their relationship with God and know what is on His heart. Leaders who make space in schedules for instructional prayer will help children learn how to posture themselves before the Lord, how to see with their heart eyes, listen to His Word and respond to him as in Psalm 27:8.