CM Revitalization

As Children's Ministry Specialists you are creative and inspiring leaders who like to stay at the top of your game. rediscover your passion and reestablish why you do the ministry of children week after week. Let's make ministry fun again by rejuvenating your mind, and recharging your spirit as you rely on God.


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CM Workshops

You appreciate your volunteers so continue to equip them with hands-on skills and leadership development to instill confidence for their investment into the lives of children and families.  Training workshops can include Interactive Bible Teaching;  Behaviour and Risk Management; Team Building as well as customized workshops just for you and your volunteers.

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CM Learning Intensive

Learning Intensives are designed to teach much information in a short amount of time. They are intense, high-paced, practical learning environments that will equip your team with hand-on skills and applications in responsibilities, authority, accountability and support.  Your team will be empowered to be invested in running the Children’s Ministry within your church alongside you.

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Kids Ministry

Kids Ministry is where my heart has been for 25 years.  I have a passion for teaching God's word and to teach how to recognize His voice by using whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality in object lessons, games, songs, declarations and creative expressions of worship. I still love teaching the kids the foundation of their faith and knowing why they believe what they believe just like you! No matter what size church you have, we can partner with you to provide the training you and your team need to equip you for the work of the kingdom.  Come on... it will be fun!




Training Reference

Leann Woelk is an insightful leader whose many years of experience in local church ministry, District level leadership and the coaching of leaders provides her with a unique perspective.  Leann’s ministry and leadership background provides her with the ability to keenly observe, assess and provide tangible solutions for positive outcomes for healthy fruitfulness in Children’s and Family Ministries in local churches.

As a Children’s and Family Ministries leadership consultant, Leann is able to give fresh insight as she comes alongside churches, leadership and ministry volunteers to help them to succeed in their ministry goals and calling.  Whether it’s personal one on one coaching with a specific leader, training for ministry teams or a general assessment of ministry best practices, Leann does so with a servant leader’s heart.

 Her desire to see children and families thrive in relationship with God and one another as they pursue God’s mission together will strengthen your Children’s and Family Ministries.  Leann’s personalized approach addresses your specific needs, challenges and opportunities.  

I would highly encourage you to engage Leann Woelk, Handle with Care Ministries to come alongside you and partner with your ministry to effectively reach, teach and disciple children and families to be resilient followers of Jesus for life. 

Rev. Hailey Armoogan

Lead Pastor, Fort Smith Pentecostal Church

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories