How's your heart?

Everyone needs regular physical heart check-ups to make sure your heart is healthy.  It's the same with our spiritual heart which can have troubling symptoms in our soul (mind, will and emotions) that are affecting our work, relationships and self-worth.

Let's go to the Great Physician and allow him to examine your heart. He knows the source of the symptoms, will diagnosis it correctly the first time and give you the healing medicine for your soul along with all the information you will need to maintain a healthy heart.

Soul Care Clinics are offered as on-line coaching groups or on-site spiritual development days.



Throne of Grace

Several years ago, I was seeking the Lord for answers to many questions.  He led me on a soul care journey to the Throne of Grace and my life has never been the same.

To understand that once we have been found by Jesus and we have accepted him to be our Savior we are washed clean of sin and we are worthy to come to the Throne of Grace because of what Jesus has done for us. We are covered with a robe of righteousness and Jesus makes us in right standing in front of a Holy God.   We come in His name to the Throne of GRACE, NOT JUDGEMENTand receive mercy for the past and grace for the present and future.

It is from the Throne of Grace that all my sessions are written for without His mercy and grace we will continue to live a life of performance and people pleasing.  My passion is to teach our children and their families how to continuously to come to His Throne of Grace for everything we need.