Preparing for your Children's Ministry Race

Whether this is your first time around the track or you've been racing for years you are in a very important race.  Running the CM Race takes dedication, motivation, determination and preparation.   There are challenges along the way and you will stumble and fall at times.  I’m here to help you teach your team strategies and skills to help them get back up on their feet and running at full speed again.  Or you might feel like you are done with this CM Race and you just can’t get back up one more time.   I’ll be there to help remind you of why you started this race in the first place and then lift you up so you can see the prize at the end. It’s going to be exciting and exhausting all at the same time but with the right mindset and proper tools you will be able to go the distance and cross the finish line.

On your mark... get set...

I will handle your heart with care

Let’s face it. Ministry is hard.  It is hard to juggle the responsibilities, deadlines, choices of curriculum and special presentations to just name a few! And then you need to maintain relationships both personal and professional.  In preparing for this CM Race, you need to get “hydrated and eat well” and there is no better “food” than the Bread of Life and New Wine.  We will start out slowly and take some time for soul care for your heart.  We need you to be heart ready for this race ahead so you can make it to that finish line.

I will hand you the skills and tools

Planning the course and practicing the skills is very vitally important in this race.  Hands-on skill training, inspiring bible teaching; behavior management ideas, and recruiting and retaining volunteers by using their talents and enthusiasm are all part of the plan. Setting goals and communicating with your team is vital to the outcome of this CM Race as you learn to hand off the baton to volunteers that you encourage, empower and lead with excellence as you build this dynamic Children Ministries team. 

I will guide your steps

I am in this CM Race with you!   I want to help watch your steps to make sure you are having fun along the way and staying upbeat and positive for your team and don’t get overheated by overexerting yourself unnecessarily.  I’m the kind of coach who doesn’t stand on the sideline to tell you what to do, I’m in this race with you and when you fall, I’ll help you up, dust off the doubt and get you back in the race.   We will raise our hands high and cross the finish line together and celebrate all we have learned on this course!

What kind of race preparation are you looking for?

Marathon - 4 weeks - Includes 4 Sundays (Edmonton and local areas)

Dash  - 1 week - Sunday - Sunday (customized per area)

Sprint - Weekend - Friday - Sunday (anywhere)

CM Learning Intensives Races include:

  • Onsite gap analysis of CM
  • Objectives and Strategic Planning
  • Mission Statement and Vision Casting
  • Accountability, Authority, Responsibilities
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Behavioral Management and Hands-on skills
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Volunteer Recruiting, Retaining and Training
  • Soul Care and Personal Development



Next Steps...

Contact me to discuss how your customized CM Learning Intensive can benefit you and your church.