Family Encounters

By creating sensory environments based on scripture and using everyday items, families can visually and experimentally learn spiritual truths as they have an encounter with Jesus! The story of His mercy, grace and righteousness is always at the centre of my family encounters.


When is rains, it pours in small church children's ministries...small budgets, low numbers, various ages, no volunteers.  I hope that my 25 years experience in small church children's ministry can be an encouragement to you.   I want to help you repurpose everyday items to stretch those  budgets and your imaginations for a unique creative ministry designed just for you!

Kids Ministry

I have a passion for teaching God's word and to teach how to recognize His voice by using whimsical creativity and thrifty practicality in object lesson, games, songs, and creative expressions of worship. I love teaching the kids the foundation of their faith and knowing why they believe what they believe.

Raimondi Photography

What's with the Scarves?

You will notice red, black and white scarves in most of the pictures on my site.  The reason behind this is one day when I was out shopping I saw a red scarf and immediately I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me of how this could be used to represent the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for us. Black scarves have come to represent sin that Jesus' blood has washed away and finally a white scarf represents our robe of righteousness. These props have become symbols for the foundation for everything I teach.

Throne of Grace

To understand that once we have been found by Jesus and we have accepted him to be our Savior,  we are washed clean of sin and we are worthy to come to the Throne of Grace because of what Jesus has done for us. (Hebrews 4:16) We are covered with a robe of righteousness and Jesus makes us in right standing in front of a Holy God.   We come in His name to the Throne of GRACE, NOT JUDGEMENT and receive mercy for the past and grace for the present and future.

It is my prayer that my lessons and teaching will always flow from the Throne of Grace and that as we teach our children the way they should go, they will understand His mercy, grace and righteousness.

Throne of Grace

How can I help?

I offer many different interactive sessions for kids and families to draw closer to one another and to Jesus.  "One size doesn't fit all" especially when it comes to small church ministry. I offer single services; one day or weekend events to meet the needs of your unique demographics. Contact me for more information on how I might be able to help you.